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Information on Shared Governance

In 2019-2020, the Academic Senate will be taking time to think more carefully about what shared governance means to the University.

On November 12, the Senate overwhelming approved a Resolution on Shared Governance that expressed some core beliefs about why shared governance is important, some basic understanding about what shared governance includes, and a commitment to reflecting on shared governance. You can find the Resolution on Shared Governance (SR 19-01) here.

Some other background documents on shared governance

  1. The AAUP statement on shared governance
  2. An article from the Chronicle of Higher Ed
  3. The statewide senate resolution on share governance

If you are a Senator have other background documents to suggest, email your suggestions to senate@csuci.edu.

Open Forum on Shared Governance, December 2019

On 12 December, the Academic Senate and the Office of the President convened a meeting to gather input on the campus community's understanding of shared governance, what form it has taken on this campus, and how it should evolve to meet the needs of the University

Over 40 people attended, representing faculty, staff, administration, and the President's cabinet. Using a 'world cafe' format, participants responded to five questions about shared governance. Each question is shared below along with a transcription of the notes that were gathered on responses at the meeting.

QUESTION 1: “If we had a thriving governance, what would it look like?”


QUESTION 2 : “What are the limits/boundaries of shared governance?”


QUESTION 3: “What must be considered the ‘bare minimum’ of shared governance?”


QUESTION 4:“How do we make shared governance visible at CSUCI?”


QUESTION 5: “What organizational structures must be in place?”